Virtual Refresh Program for Schools & Colleges

We are a nonprofit organization. Our School & College programs presents a series of sessions designed for the overall well-being & excellence of students , teachers and parents in these challenging times to reduce stress, anxiety and isolation. We invite you to sign up for these sessions to improve productivity and efficiency in your organization.

Our Programs

Our programs for schools & colleges offer trainings for students, teachers and parents, teaching powerful yoga , asana & meditation techniques and awareness processes that reduce stress, regulate emotions and nurture human values.

Our curriculum supports student performance, reducing behavioral issues and building a dynamic and happy school environment. When students are stress-free, they show greater confidence and motivation to succeed. They focus and perform well, build more positive relationships and make healthy choices when faced with life’s challenges. We are also offering online classes for K-12 students. Our digital contents are designed by experts. Students may score in their CBSE/ICSE/State Board Exams by joining e-gurukulam and crack any competition exam. To know more.. click here

Meditation Techniques , Surya Namaskar  & e-Gurukulam

Program designed for students upto 13 years old

Our program helps children to overcome fear, nervousness, and anxiety and overall development with a well-rounded personality.

Meditation Techniques , Surya Namaskar , Yoga & Asana  & e-Gurukulam

Program designed for students above 14 years 

With studies, relationships , entrance exams, today’s teens face a lot of stress. The program helps students for overall development and problem-solving techniques to score in board exams and crack competitive examinations


Meditation Techniques , Surya Namaskar , Yoga & Asana 

Program designed for teachers & staff

Happy and stress-free teachers create a stress-free learning environment for students. This program helps teachers overcome stress and keep their energy high despite their hectic schedules.

The program helps parents understand their children better and discover the root cause of their behavior patterns. It helps them develop better relationships with their teens. We can help them access intuitive abilities, and develop their creativity and intelligence.

Studies Have Shown

  • Enhanced Brain Function
  • Increased Mental Focus & Alertness
  • Reduced Levels of Stress & Anxiety
  • Improved Health & Immunity

If you are interested to join our customized virtual refresh program as per your school/college to retreat & refresh your school/college students and staff team please fill out the following form and one of our representatives will be with you shortly.