Virtual Refresh Program for Corporate Professionals

We are a nonprofit organization. Our corporate programs presents a series of sessions designed for the overall well-being & excellence of corporate professionals in these challenging times to reduce stress, anxiety and isolation. We invite you to sign up for these sessions to improve productivity and efficiency in your organization.

Key Benefits

This program enhances overall well-being – physical health, mental peace and emotional resilience to be able to gracefully take on challenging situations easily and effectively.

It enables participants to achieve multiple benefits including:

Enhanced energy

higher enthusiasm and zest for life

Clarity of mind

Better creativity, problem solving and decision making abilities

Improved emotional intelligence

communication and greater belongingness

Program Contents

  • Understanding the body-mind mechanics
  • Taking a broader view of life
  • Sutras to handle people and situations
  • Counselling with Expert Team to understand problems and suggest a solution
  • Birth Chart Analysis with Expert Astrologer
  • Motivational sessions to follow ethics , loyalty and trust
  • Yoga , Asana , Pranayama & Meditation techniques
  • Ancient art of Life-Guidance to live a Vedic life based upon Dharmic values and right management of your Karma.
  • Vaastu Expert consultation to mitigate Vaastu dosh at factory , offices and residential areas for overall prosperity , happiness and growth.
  • Online meeting with Siddha Purush Gurudev to ask anything about your life , health and wealth. It will help to make right decisions in life.
  • Exploring ayurvedic knowledge on food and health , happy life, sustainable happiness, and longevity .

Program benefits

  • Inspirational leadership skills
  • Heightened levels of innovation
  • Deepened access to intuition
  • Improved people management skills
  • Secrets of sensible risk taking
  • Enhanced efficiency in decision making
  • Sharpened skills of communication
  • Better emotional intelligence for conflict management
  • Improved mind power

If you are interested to join a corporate wellness program or customized virtual refresh program to retreat & refresh your company employees or leadership team please fill out the following form and one of our representatives will be with you shortly.