Transforming the lives of individuals through e-Gurukulam with discipline

e-Gurukulam is a program initiated & designed by experts to deliver high quality education through Ancient Indian gurukul education system pattern. The objective of this effort is to take the best teaching learning resources to all, including the most disadvantaged.

The ‘e-Gurukulam’ system of education is the epitome of Indian style of learning. Basically, an e-Gurukulam is a learning platform where students connect with their mentors and receive education, moral values and life skills under their guidance. All the courses are interactive, prepared by the best teachers in the country and are available to any learner. e-Gurukulam seeks to bridge the digital divide for students who have hitherto remained untouched by the digital revolution and have not been able to join the mainstream of the knowledge economy. New sessions are starting from April 1st  , 2023. Seats filling fast. Book yours today!


The courses hosted on e-Gurukulam are in 4 quadrants –

Live online classes and/or video lecture

Specially prepared reading material that can be downloaded/printed

Online test series and certification of qualification/participation

Online discussion forum for clearing the doubts.

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CBSE/ICSE/State Board
FROM CLASS-1st TO 12th

We help you to score in CBSE/ICSE/STATE Board Exams. We focus on fundamentals & concept clarity.

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FROM CLASS-9th to 12th

We help you to achieve your goals of cracking NEET & IIT-JEE competitive entrance exams by experienced teachers.

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We help you to achieve your goals of cracking civil services & public service commission state exams by experienced teachers.

Salient Features:-

  • Comprehensive Study Material: Instills an in-depth theoretical and application based understanding
  • Convenience of Learning: Learn as per your own convenience of location and time
  • Interactive Dashboard to track performance: Keep track of your performance, course, doubts submission, and important notifications with extensive program support
  • Doubt Clearance: Get your doubts resolved by experts personally
  • Well planned schedule and option to reside in Gurukul and impart knowledge in a natural environment.
  • Focused on extra-curricular activities like sports, yoga, and meditations that result in the development of the physical health of students.
  • Offering value-based learning where learning happens as per the uniqueness of the child. This offers healthy competition and reduces stress levels amongst students.
  • Using techniques such as meditation which enhances the focusing power.
  • Respect everyone irrespective of their caste, creed, ethnicity, culture, religion and perspective.
  • The ‘guru-shishya parampara’ is an integral part of e-Gurukulam.
  • e-Gurukulam students are taught to value nature. So, they are very close to nature.
  • Students are spiritually elevated which gives them an optimistic, calm and composed personality.
  • Every student is given proper attention as the student-teacher ratio is properly planned.
  • e-Gurukulam emphasizes on practical knowledge which is quite beneficial to build the concepts of the students.
  • Students are taught to follow the principle of ‘simple living and high thinking’ which is a great lesson for life.
  • Our main goal is to expand knowledge and place a strong emphasis on education.
  • Meditations, yoga, and other standards are being used by the Gurus at e-Gurukulam to train the disciples.
  • The students are developed into strong individuals. They are taught to stay firm and face any adverse situation in the outside world.
  • Holistic Development , Personality growth , Spiritual Awakening , Awareness about nature and society , Passing on of knowledge and culture through generations , Self-control and discipline in life

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