Gurudev Pandit Sushil Shastri Ji : A Spiritual Guru & A Great Astrologer

Gurudev had graduated with degree in Vedic literature from Sampurnanand Sanskrit University in Varanasi , Uttar Pradesh. He has excellent knowledge of Vedic Astrology & Vedic Vastu Shastra. He has got some siddhis by which he will know everything about you if you sit in front of him and meet him. He can give you the right direction to make decision quickly to make your life happier and easier.

Whether you are someone looking for a free birth cart or a serious person in the quest for a relevant answer for your life’s predicament or want to achieve the desired goal without any hurdle, this is the most helpful destination on the web that connects all the dots, irrespective of your zodiac sign or birth chart. This web page entails comprehensive information and all the astro-related signs, in-depth transit reports, love compatibility information, horoscope predictions, astrology predictions and minute-wise suggestions on how to make your life happy by harnessing your planetary power. This web page is the source of valuable information on the subject of astrology that can benefit you in the most instructive manner.

Puja & Anushthan

Puja and Anushthan herald peace and prosperity in people’s lives. It creates positive energy and remove negative vibrations from your life. However, it is a mandatory obligation for everyone to get puja and Anushthan done by erudite PanditJi, someone having a profound knowledge of mythological mantras and Vedic compliances. This is because of the reason that Vedic puja is not declared consecrated if all the inheriting rules and compliances associated with Vedas are properly observed. Only a Reliable And Learned Pandit Ji has that level of expertise.

You can book profound knowledgeable Pandit Ji for Vedic puja and Anushthan and can ritualize devotional yagnas and puja at your home or office or anywhere of your preference. Dedicated to giving you the desired results in your endeavor choose our online puja to avoid hassles and save time.

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Remove the obstacles of life
Vinayak Puja

Attain wealth and prosperity in long run.

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Achieve the desired goal
Surya Puja

Dispel the effects of Pitra Doshas and low-confidence

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Remove all kind of sins
Vishnu Puja

Attain the path of spirituality and let the positivity enter in your life.

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Remove All Dosh of Kundali
Shiv Puja

Powerful remedy to attain stability & success in life

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Helps in hardships of life
Hanuman Puja

Become fearless and very strong physically as well as mentally

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Ensure overall prosperity
Krishna Puja

Brings success and growth in one’s life by means of truth

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Protects from negative forces
Durga Puja

Protects from all evil effects of the planets, and black magic

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Remove All hurdles in life
Lakshmi Puja

Helps you achieve success related to Career & Business

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Removes Toxins from Body
Gayatri Puja

Keeps Your Heart Healthy & Improves Nervous System


Get the scan Birth Chart ( जन्म कुण्डली ) Report from expert Astrologer (Jyotishi ji).The report includes the complete analysis of birth chart, planetary alignments & their impact, Health, wealth, career /business , any Dosha associated with Gandmool Nakshatra or any malefic Dosha afflicting your life as well as family member’s life. To help you with this, suitable remedial measures are also informed.

How it works?

1. Share your birth details and ask your queries/problems.
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Benefits of telephonic/video consultation

1. You can take smarter, calculated decisions and plan your times ahead.
2. The guidelines will help you to make the right moves and avoid a possible pitfall.
3. The Consultation will help you to note the time period for possible fructification of your concern.
4. You will be confident to take wise decisions since the problems will be handled with ease.
5. Stress due to ignorance will be reduced.

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