We work with partners worldwide to tackle critical problems in the communities.

We are a nonprofit organization. We are working to empower rural and remote communities by offering quality education and essential healthcare services. We are fighting to get rid of digital divide, poverty, food crisis , disease , carbon footprint and inequity around the world.

Our mission is to create a world where every person has the opportunity to live a healthy, productive life. We can't achieve our goals on our own. We work together with businesses, government, and nonprofits, and each partner plays a specific role in accelerating progress.

How we work?

To bring about the kinds of changes that will help people live healthier and more productive lives, we seek to understand the world’s inequities. Whether the challenge is food crisis around the world or social discriminations & inequalities around the world, we listen and learn so we can identify pressing problems that get too little attention. Then we consider whether we can make a meaningful difference with our influence and our investments.

Once an investment is established through a grant or contract, our program teams and grantees collaborate for its lifecycle.

Global Service Highlights

Here are a few select projects from the many areas of our work around the world including: Rural development, Education, Child Protection, Environmental Care, Harmony in Diversity, Ethics in Leadership and Peacebuilding. We need to protect the earth. Ancient people from all over the world used to honor the earth, the rivers, the mountains, and the air. We need to retain these ancient values and have a modern vision for development and prosperity for everybody.


Environmental Sustainability

We are planting trees across several environment-friendly initiatives. Hari Shanker Pandey Sewa Samiti, with its roots in spirituality, has nurtured a deep respect for our planet in thousands of people around the world. The earth may be made up of rocks, sand and water, but spirituality can help us to perceive our planet as a living vibrant entity, responding to our care and attention.

Inspired by the vision of Sri Sri Hari Shanker and building energy as a team, volunteers from around the world have initiated several environmental projects: large scale tree plantations through Mission Green Earth, water management and protection including cleaning polluted rivers and rejuvenating dried rivers and zero-budget chemical-free farming that is both economically and organically sound.


Breathing Life into Education

Education is this civilization’s greatest leveler. It has the power to empower the weakest of the weak, bring peace to the world and alleviate poverty. It is often seen as the only lit path in the pursuit of happiness.

Inspired by Sri Sri Hari Shanker's vision of value education for all, we provide holistic and value-based education to children that are outside the reach of other government or private programs.

The effectiveness of the education provided is measured through:

  • academic performance
  • overall success and satisfaction of the child
  • Development of children in all spheres of life: social, psychological and material.

Many associated schools operate in remote areas with limited access, where financial distress in the family makes children drop out so they can contribute to the family income. In some cases, safety is a concern due to an insurgency in the region.

The focus is on value-based education that helps strengthen the mind through yoga, meditation, and other inner transformational techniques. The methodology promotes cognitive, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual growth, thus leading to an education that is holistic.

Developing E-Education Centers

We understand the value of education so we are planning to deploy solar powered e-education centers around the world.

Bridging the gap between the “haves” and “have–nots” in remote and rural areas of the country based on the following relevant parameters:

  • Growth and development of the information society.
  • Initiatives, opportunities and prospects made towards bridging the digital divide.
  • The role of community information centres, government programmes, libraries and institutions.
  • Challenges and barriers to bridging the digital divide.

To accelerate the educational quotient of India, we address the need of the hour and fosters the youth by providing open access to quality education using a multi-pronged approach:

  • Providing access to quality education
  • Offering Scholarships to the meritorious students
  • Planning to set up a world class e-School for Global Education
  • Supporting like-minded partners.

Developing e-Healthcare Centers

We are working towards enhancing access to quality and affordable healthcare services. Our integrated e-healthcare model provides continuum of care to the most vulnerable sections of society through a network of e-healthcare delivery mechanisms.

Our e-Healthcare Highlights:

  • State-of-the-art Planning, Design, Architecture and Infrastructure
  • Cutting-Edge Technology, Equipment and Resources
  • High-Quality Care with No Differentiation in Service
  • Scalable, Multi-Use In-Patient and Isolation Rooms
  • Fully-Digitized, Instant Access to Patient Medical Records
  • National and International Green Building Conformance.
  • Digital Kiosk/Cart with telemedicine software platform to connect doctors, laboratories and patients at one place

Our Fully-equipped Mobile Medical Units (MMUs) with state-of-the-art technology, including cloud-based software are incorporated to store patient information and plan programs for the communities. MMUs provide necessary e-healthcare services at the doorstep of beneficiaries through periodic visits. They further address beneficiary requirements with proper consultations and adequate medical care facilities.

Remote e-healthcare Carts provide diagnostic and e-consultation services focusing on chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes and preventive e-health services. Professionally trained MBBS doctors, nurses and social workers cater to the primary medical care needs of the patients.

Our advanced e-healthcare delivery platform built with Global Standards and cutting edge Technologies for redefining digital health. We are working with our technology partners to win the flight against COVID-19 by deploying COVID-19 e-Care Carts at various locations in India with single app to manage complete health and wellness, including health monitoring , checkup management and virtual consults.